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โ€ข The Well-being Haven project highlights the role of physical rest and mental recovery to frontliners in providing quality healthcare to patients

โ€ข Doctorโ€™s room at Sunway Medical Velocity was redesigned and renovated using Bosch products and technologies to create an atmosphere of warmth, rest, and comfort

โ€ข Doctorโ€™s room is equipped with a microwave, a built-in coffee machine, and a refrigerator from Bosch Home Appliances; ambient sounds are available via Electro-Voiceโ€™s Evolve speaker from Bosch Building Technologies

โ€ข An immersive Well-being Haven will be open for the public to experience at Sunway Velocity Mall from 29 September, 10 am to 2 October, 10 pm.

Bosch and Sunway Medical Centre Velocity officially launch Well-being Haven to promote wellness among frontliners.
(Left to right): Derrick Chan, CEO of SMCV and Klaus Landhaeusser, Managing Director of Bosch Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, 13TH SEPTEMBER 2022 – Quality rest in peaceful surroundings is crucial to good mental health, especially for people in high-stress jobs. Empathizing with frontline healthcare workers, whose workload significantly increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, launches Project Well-being Haven in partnership with Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV).
Well-being Haven is an experience-based project aiming to improve the work environment of healthcare workers by providing them with an appropriate recovery area, equipped with Bosch technology and solutions. The interest in more adequate resting spaces was expressed in a survey conducted by Bosch among almost 2,000 healthcare workers in Malaysia. Answering this need, Bosch piloted the project by transforming SMCVโ€™s existing lounge into a space that feels welcoming, calming, and conducive to rest and recuperate.

An immersive experience of Well-being Haven will be open to the public at Sunway Velocity Mall from 29th September to 2nd October

โ€œIt has been six months since Malaysia entered the endemic phase. Be it endemic or pandemic, healthcare workers are undeniably one of the most challenging professions with high time pressure and stress. A good environment that enables these unsung heroes a quality break is therefore invaluable. Through the redesign of SMCVโ€™s doctorโ€™s room, we hope to create a space that is reminiscent of oneโ€™s home โ€“ a space that brings warmth, comfort, and privacy to recuperate,โ€ said Klaus Landhaeusser, managing director of Bosch Malaysia. According to Bosch’s findings, 82% of Malaysian healthcare workers confirm an increase in overtime and overnight shifts during the pandemic.
Constructed using Bosch power tools, the Well-being Haven space is equipped with an ergonomic kitchenette that includes a microwave, a built-in coffee machine, and a refrigerator from Boschโ€™s home appliances line, as well as the right ambiance setting with music played straight from personal phones connected via Bluetooth through Electro-Voiceโ€™s Evolve speaker from Bosch Building Technologies. Malaysiaโ€™s top wellness technology provider Ogawa was also attracted to this meaningful project by sponsoring a unit of a massage chair, which makes the room cozier.

The Evolve Speaker from Bosch Building Technology gives the right ambiance setting by playing music directly from personal phones connected via Bluetooth.

Bosch Home Appliances have been installed in the Well-being Haven at Sunway Medical Centre Velocity.

At the height of the pandemic in August 2021, Malaysia registered more than 25,000 cases every day on average, leaving frontliners exhausted, and lacking good space to recharge, with further discomfort from the long hours of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Nevertheless, their relentless contribution and sacrifice during the pandemic to roll out vaccination and treatment were the main factors contributing to todayโ€™s endemicity in Malaysia. While the tension has slightly eased, 84 percent of frontliners still hope to have a conducive space for short breaks, as Boschโ€™s survey revealed. The Well-being Haven is thus timely for their long-overdue need where they can truly enjoy the space.
โ€œWe are very grateful to Bosch for this meaningful collaboration. With the Well-being Haven, our doctors now have a space reminiscent of the home where they are shielded away from the stress, able to rest and recharge before they resume seeing their patients or operations,โ€ said Derrick Chan, chief executive officer of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity, adding that the Well-being Haven is launched in tandem with the hospitalโ€™s three-year anniversary celebration.
The hospital offers comprehensive tertiary healthcare services with a designed capacity of 234 beds, 62 consultant suites, and six operating theatres. Its range of medical services includes facilities and advanced medical technologies for outpatient and inpatient specialty care, health and wellness programs, and 24-hour emergency services.
To raise awareness of the project, Bosch will be having a mall activation with a simulation of the Well-being Haven at Sunway Velocity Mall from 29 September at 10 am to 2 October at 10 pm. With the creative use of light and sound to project distress and calm ambient in an immersive dark room, the Well-being Haven enables the public to relate to and feel the challenges of healthcare frontliners and how Bosch technology is Invented for Life.

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