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The Airasia xchange platform allows members to instantly convert other loyalty or bank points to airasia points through the Airasia Superapp.

AirAsia Rewards, the loyalty program of AirAsia Superapp, bagged the API – Airline category win at the recently held Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards for successfully introducing its loyalty points exchange platform “AirAsia xchange” amidst the challenging economic landscape during the pandemic. 

Through AirAsia xchange, AirAsia Rewards was able to expand its rewards offerings and provide better value, enabling its members to instantly convert their bank or other loyalty points to AirAsia points and vice versa. Members can redeem flights, hotel stays, lifestyle deals, and more with their converted AirAsia points. They also have the option to save their rewards with the combination of AirAsia points and cash, should they have an insufficient point balance in their account. 

Moreover, with the latest enhancement to the platform, AirAsia members can also use the platform to facilitate a three-way conversion of their loyalty points from one program to another. This can be a convenient option for members to maximize the value of their loyalty points or for those who want to consolidate all their bank points or loyalty points into a single platform. They can choose to convert their points either via instant points, conversion, points code conversion, or through the manual request conversion method, all via one single AirAsia xchange platform. 

AirAsia xchange is also driven by an application programming interface (API), where members can initiate the conversion process by linking their accounts from different rewards programs onto the platform. The platform then uses the API to securely access and transfer the points or rewards between the different programs. This can be done in real-time, providing members with a fast, instant, and seamless way to exchange their loyalty points. 

Ultimately, the platform aims to increase consumer stickiness, add unique value to the AirAsia member experience, and maximize the value of loyalty points with the end goal of extending the membership life cycle. 

The year 2022 was a record-breaking and fantastic year for AirAsia exchange as it recorded a total of over 10,000 unique converters, that’s a 400% YoY growth. The total transaction count also grew close to 25 times YoY to over 100,000 transactions in the same year. 

Chief Loyalty Officer of AirAsia rewards, Ong Wai Fong commented, “Our platform offers a unique solution to all our partners who are looking to clear off their inventory and increase their customer engagement rates. By allowing members to exchange their loyalty points for redemption rewards, merchants can not only reduce their inventory but also create a sense of loyalty through incentives and encourage repeat redemptions.”. 

Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards recognizes exceptional companies that are leading the technological revolution and digital journeys of their respective industries to boost Malaysia’s ever-growing economy.

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