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A conversation with Design Innovators, Sean Yeap of SWOT Design Group and Alex Lee of Nu Infinity and Design Seed

Cosentino, in partnership with IDr Lai Siew Hong, Chief Executive Designer of the award-winning interior design firm Blu Water Studio, is delighted to present the third installment of Design X Dialogue. This time, the focus revolves around creative design, with a special spotlight on two distinguished designers, Sean Yeap, Founding Partner and Director of SWOT Design Group, and Alex Lee, Founder of Nu Infinity and Design Seed. These design innovators are renowned for their unique and inspiring approach to design philosophy, drawing inspiration from storytelling and purposeful design.

Creative design serves as a boundless source of inspiration for designers, often arising from various influences, including the love of music. Sean Yeap, from SWOT Design Group who is behind projects like TRX Discovery and Experiential Gallery, discovered that his passion for music prompted him to question conventional design norms. Just as music encompasses diverse genres that evoke distinct sensations and emotions, Sean recognizes that the world of design offers a similar spectrum of possibilities. One of his most transformative experiences was the creation of the SWOT Design Group Office, which allowed him to explore the infinite potential of various design genres. Drawing parallels to the music world, where genres range from heavy metal to alternative rock, Sean translated his musical interest into his design work. This fusion led to remarkable projects involving solid surfaces and metal cubes, resulting in unique and adaptable partitions that redefine spatial dynamics.

Storytelling also plays a pivotal role in design, a sentiment shared by Sean. He emphasises how storytelling empowers visitors to immerse themselves in a design narrative, evoking a myriad ofemotions and purposes for each individual who engages with a space. Sean’s notable project, “Essando,” a health and beauty store located within MyTOWN Shopping Centre, stands as a prime example of this approach. In crafting an immersive storytelling experience, Essando was meticulously designed to transport visitors into the heart of a tree trunk, a physical embodiment of sandalwood’s essence. This symbolic journey represents the extraction and transformation of the natural ingredients integral to Essando’s beauty range, forging a profound connection between the brand and its patrons.

Creative design can also serve a higher purpose, enriching the community it touches. Alex Lee of Nu Infinity and Design Seed passionately upholds the belief that purposeful design is the core of his design philosophy. He emphasises the importance of delving deep into the challenges at hand, challenging conventional design approaches to discover better spatial solutions. This ethos forms the bedrock of his motto, “Altering the ego of practicality,” a testament to his unwavering commitment to challenging norms in pursuit of design excellence.

One of his standout projects exemplifies this transformative approach to design, involving a particular client with a penchant for collecting novelties from her travels. However, she lacked space to store or utilise these novelties effectively. In response, Alex embarked on a mission to reimagine her space, enabling her to showcase her cherished collection while limiting the number of shelves available, driving her to prioritise what truly mattered. The result was a profound transformation in his client’s mindset. Confronted with restricted space, she learned to value contentment over accumulation.

Taking his commitment to inspire interior designers and the architectural community even further, a vision that is also aligned with Cosentino’s mission, Alex introduced a platform that shares purposeful and functional design ideas through video content. This initiative has garnered over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel and launched a series delving into practical design tips and inspirational concepts. It aims to inspire designers, architects, and homeowners to create practical and beautiful spaces.

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