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The company successfully enhances DHL on-demand shipping with a groundbreaking AI-powered chatbot.

Leading data technology provider Fusionex Group has been honoured with the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2023 in the AI-Logistics category for its outstanding contribution to the logistics industry. The award recognizes Fusionex’s innovative use of AI in its collaboration with DHL, a global leader in logistics and express delivery services.  

To help DHL improve efficiency and deliver a more customer-friendly shipping process, Fusionex implemented a cutting-edge automation channel, powered by its flagship GIANT engine. To host its new smart chatbot, named DHLontheGo, the popular text messaging service WhatsApp was chosen as the host platform given its high penetration rate of 91% in Malaysia as of January 2020.

The AI-powered chatbot service revolutionises the way DHL communicates with its customers and streamlines the shipment processing experience. By integrating the chatbot directly into WhatsApp, DHL is able to leverage advanced digital technologies to enhance the speed, precision, and efficiency of its on-demand logistics offerings, saving time and effort on the part of the customers. 

This solution proved especially valuable in the context of the “new normal” brought about by the global pandemic. With it, customers can easily use DHL’s on-demand pick-up service, included within the chatbot, from the safety and convenience of their own homes.

Powered by sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) engines and robotic process automation (RPA), DHLontheGo allows DHL to accurately identify and respond to each customer query in real time. If a complex conversation takes place, the chatbot seamlessly guides the user to a human advisor for further assistance, creating a continuous virtual conversation from the initial greeting to final approval. 

Fusionex also lent DHL its GIANT-powered AI marketing capabilities, which helped DHL analyze and interpret customer data, and obtain real-time insights into pick-up hotspots, market demand, chatbot peak times, fallback rate, and more. This information has empowered DHL to improve the quality of its on-demand logistics offerings discover new ways to better serve customers and personalize its shipping services to meet individual demands.

As the world’s leading logistics company, DHL is at the forefront of innovation and constantly seeks to seamlessly connect with its customers. Through their collaboration with Fusionex, DHL has introduced a new way of placing overseas shipment bookings with an AI-powered, WhatsApp-based chatbot to facilitate the entire customer journey. By offering enhanced accessibility to on-demand logistics services, it allows users to book international shipping at any time, and from anywhere, delivering unparalleled value and convenience for the customer.

Besides customer benefits, DHL has also benefited from the inclusion of AI-based marketing powered by Fusionex’s GIANT engine. The increased traffic to the platform has generated increased shipment and revenue than previously possible. Repeat customers have also risen due to the chatbot providing a seamless and efficient shipping experience that encourages customer loyalty. The real-time insights obtained from the chatbot usage and customer data analysis have allowed DHL to make data-driven decisions to optimise its logistics operations and provide better services to its customers.

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