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Question 1: By collaborating with KT Management, what are your goals for this project?

We achieved a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties involved. Our objective is to enable our tenants to seamlessly transition to larger and more suitable properties at various stages of their lives and in different cities. This is a significant step towards creating a seamless and flexible living experience. While we continue to grow organically, we also see M&As as a means to accelerate our growth and welcome more local champions to join LiveIn’s platform. We believe that this synergy serves as an excellent example and paves the way for many more opportunities in the future.

Question 2: What challenges does LiveIn face while striving to provide enhanced long-term options for university students and professionals, considering the diverse range of tenancy options available in the market?

In the market are several brands that cater to short-term tenancy options with daily to weekly rates, and we are starting to see more companies emerge focusing on mid-term tenancy options spanning 1 to 3 months. Additionally, there are numerous providers targeting expatriate tenancy.

LiveIn, on the other hand, focuses on addressing the housing needs of young individuals in central cities. Our goal is to offer them affordable and comfortable long-term rental options in these central locations.

Question 3: What sets LiveIn apart from other players in the market?

LiveIn’s differentiating factor lies in our specific focus on long-term tenancy, particularly catering to the needs of young people. While continuously improving our operational excellence, we remain committed to serving this specific target market. Although there are areas where we can enhance our user experience and system, our primary objective is to be the leading player not only in Malaysia but eventually in a larger geographical coverage.

Question 4: Could you share the factors that drive LiveIn’s expansion across Southeast Asia?

Our continuous expansion across Southeast Asia is largely driven by our focus on solving pain points in the O2O (online-to-offline) experience for our tenants. This enables LiveIn to identify clear product-market fit in different cities within Southeast Asia without straining our resources. Through experimentation and learning from our experiences, we have developed a model that is proven to work and generate revenue. We are now scaling a model that has shown success.

Question 5: Are there any upcoming plans from LiveIn that we can anticipate, and how will they impact the market industry?

We have several upcoming launches planned in our existing markets, as well as a new market. We look forward to sharing more details once these launches are completed.

Question 6: What strategies have contributed to LiveIn’s success in becoming the leading player in long-stay rentals in Malaysia?

Our success in becoming the leading player in long-stay rentals in Malaysia can be attributed to our focused approach, operational excellence, and now, our pursuit of inorganic growth.

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