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How award-winning Singaporean architect and design firm TA.LE transformed this particularly narrow plot into a spacious and light-filled home for a multigenerational family.


If space wasn’t enough of a constraint for this supersized household, the inter-terrace house along Onan road posed an even greater challenge with a plot width of only 4.2m, much narrower than than the usual 6m. This means that natural light doesn’t penetrate to the interiors, making the crowded house feel even smaller and cramped.

In densely populated cities such as Singapore, where space is at a premium, this is a common issue as homes are getting smaller, and homeowners must find innovative solutions to maximise light and space to create the illusion of a larger house.

What award-winning Singaporean architect and design firm TA.LE did to turn this dark and narrow space into a cosy and spacious home is to step back the façade from level 2 to level 4. They also set back the living space from one side of the party wall. 

The result: a house flooded with natural light that permeates each room from two sides, creating a feeling of liberation for the homeowners as they move through the space. The clever design also maximises the use of space to fit 5 bedrooms and bathrooms in a modest plot, ensuring ample privacy for the big family.

**STAY TUNED for an interview response with Mr. Lionel, Principal Architect and Co-founder at TA.LE

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