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Their self-service kiosks were recognized for enhancing customer experience, improving operational efficiencies, and promoting sustainability in Malaysia’s NFO industry.

The bar is constantly rising to produce digital innovations that will continuously improve overall customer experiences. Number forecast operator (NFO) Magnum Corporation (Magnum) too is raising the bar, and its transformation journey focuses on innovative digitalization strategies that will not only revitalise its business and improve operational efficiencies but also deliver unmatched customer experiences. Magnum aims to think big, be agile, and be a game changer in the face of disruptions by spearheading digitalization initiatives to stay relevant, remain competitive, and meet its customers’ evolving expectations. 

For its efforts, Magnum has been named the winner of the Automation – Retail Category at the prestigious Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2023. The awards programme recognises outstanding companies that are leveraging technology to transform their respective industries and drive economic growth in Malaysia. 

Customer centricity is crucial for Magnum’s digital transformation journey, which aims to meet customers’ evolving expectations. Therefore, Magnum has adopted a data-driven approach to leverage data in driving its digitalization strategy to deliver elevated customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Magnum is pioneering the way in providing modern in-store purchase experiences, and retail automation is one of its key strategies in transforming the company from conventional to extraordinary. The self-service kiosks play a vital role in this journey, truly transforming the NFO industry.

Revolutionizing NFO Industry with SSKs

As the first NFO in Malaysia to provide Self Service Kiosks (SSKs), Magnum has revolutionized the industry, providing customers with a seamless, omnichannel brand experience. For over half a century, the NFO industry in Malaysia has traditionally relied on a conventional retail model. This has led Magnum to innovate, leading the charge in providing more modern in-store purchase experiences with the first-of-its-kind SSKs.

Rolled out in January 2023 as a preliminary pilot initiative, these cutting-edge kiosks are equipped with a large touch screen, barcode and QR code scanner, and other advanced features that allow customers to complete transactions within a few minutes to even a few seconds.

The SSKs have provided speed and convenience, allowing customers to complete their transactions accurately and without having to wait in line. They have also helped to increase Magnum’s operational efficiencies, enabling its workforce to transition from manual-intensive tasks to more human-centric interactions with customers.

Moreover, the implementation of the SSKs has helped Magnum achieve its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. By eliminating the need for paper play slips, the kiosks have significantly reduced paper waste and resource consumption, supporting the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Magnum’s SSKs represent a major step forward in Malaysia’s NFO industry, set to revolutionize and transform customers’ purchase experience. Despite a small-scale initial pilot launch, the SSKs have received resoundingly positive feedback from customers, truly validating their viability and setting the stage for a nationwide rollout in the near future. 

The SSKs are just the beginning of Magnum’s innovation journey, as they continue to design solutions that drive excellent customer experience and promote sustainability in the industry. 

In the near future, the SSKs will be integrated with its MyMagnum 4D App (MMA), unlocking an array of exciting features and offering novel ways of playing Magnum’s games. This integration will also allow customers to enjoy benefits across different verticals within Magnum digital ecosystem, such as unlocking exclusive membership perks by interacting with the SSKs.

The SSKs have increased overall operational productivity, providing real-time data and more insights to better serve Magnum’s customers. They have also provided Magnum with the ability to capture new market segments as the company drives towards speed and simplicity.

As Magnum continues to develop solutions that enhance the customer experience and promote sustainability, the company is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry, driving economic growth in Malaysia, and providing a more personalized experience for customers.

Magnum Corporation’s achievement is a testament to its commitment to accelerating growth and promoting a sustainable future by converting a traditional business model to a modernized retail automation model with technological innovation. 

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