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COBNB’s recognition coincides with Malaysia’s booming short-term rental sector, which is on track to reach an impressive US$1.010 billion in 2023.

COBNB, Malaysia’s leading short-term-accommodation (STA) and property management company, is proud to announce its landmark achievement as the recipient of the Top Performing Home Partner 2023 award at the Booking Home Connect.

Outshining fierce competition within the HOME category, COBNB clinched the prestigious award based on an impressive combination of parameters; the number of properties listed on the platform, as well as revenue generated. This recognition reaffirms the company’s unswerving commitment to delivering top-notch experiences for both property owners and travelers alike.

Dedicated to optimizing the potential of home spaces for short-term rentals, COBNB aims to create sustained rental income for users by leveraging factors such as workflow automation, pricing, and financial analytics. This in return is set to enhance guests’ travel experiences, whilst contributing to the growth of local tourism industries. 

Having transformed multiple properties into profitable assets for homeowners, COBNB’s platform management system has been made available to accommodation partners, developers, and independent hosts, allowing them to scale and serve the wider community.

More than just a win, their victory at the Booking Home Connect also symbolizes the increasing preference for alternative accommodations, as travelers and tourists yearn for immersive and personalized holiday experiences. Malaysia’s homegrown response to the global phenomenon of home-sharing, COBNB’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to capitalize on this burgeoning industry and channel its focus into generating investment returns from properties through short-term rentals. This comes at a time when Malaysia has experienced an astounding surge in short-term rental bookings, with the market projected to reach a staggering US$1.010bn in 2023

This award is so much more than a title to us. Being acknowledged on such a prominent platform gives us a significant boost as we continue to carve our path into the heart of the local home share market,” shares Glenn Wong, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of COBNB

“We’re grateful to for this recognition on a global scale — it shows that we’ve been moving in the right direction in providing exceptional experiences for our property owners and travelers, and we aim to continue doing so.” 

Utilizing a seamless property management service, COBNB also empowers homeowners to capitalize on the thriving home-sharing market without the associated hassles, transforming homeownership into a lucrative venture. With a clientele ranging from private property owners and property developers to hotels and resort villas, COBNB relieves homeowners of the day-to-day operational intricacies. 

Positioning itself as the professional co-host for those seeking to maximize their property listings via short-term rentals, COBNB does the heavy lifting for home-owners, coordinating all aspects of the home-share process, from listing optimization and pricing strategies to guest communication and property maintenance

This triumph resonates beyond the accolade itself, bearing testament to the surging demand for personalized and experience-driven holidays in the alternative accommodation sector. As travelers and tourists increasingly seek unique and immersive experiences, COBNB stands out as one of the leading short-term rental management in Malaysia. With a sharp focus on generating investment returns through short-term property rentals, COBNB‘s victory anticipates a new chapter in Malaysia’s travel and home-share sector. 

As tourism gains momentum, this accolade marks the inception of a new chapter in Malaysia’s travel and home-sharing landscape. COBNB‘s win at the Booking Home Connect stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and commitment to shaping the future of travel and hospitality.

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