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To assist with Taiwan’s electronic equipment, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) applications, smart automation, smart factory, smart logistics and other solutions related industries and strengthen international marketing capabilities, while also demonstrating scientific and technological strength of Taiwanese manufacturers and assist manufacturers to find more smart manufacturing and smart city business opportunities in New Southbound countries.

Taiwan Smart Machinery Overseas Promotion Program set up the Taiwan smart manufacturing pavilion and host the Innovative Technology and Product Launch & Business Matching Event under the theme of ” Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem ” on Sep 19th , at SMART NATION 2023. Five Taiwan leading manufacturers, HwaCom, Axiomtek, SOLOMON, AsiaICMP and Hang Quan shared the topic focusing on Smart Manufacturing, AI, Industrial Control & IoT, Smart Factory, Digital Transformation and System Integration, Smart City and Smart total Solution, etc. It’s an important platform for Taiwan company to unveil the latest technology and solution overseas. Hoping to facilitate cooperation between Malaysian and Taiwanese companies in Smart Manufacturing and digital transformation. Hoping to lead the industry and expand business opportunities in New Southbound countries.

Explore the Tawan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion: 

HwaCom, provide 24 hours uninterruptible managed security service, network monitoring, and promote digital transformation and strengthen the resilience of network systems.

Axiomtek, delve into the fundamental concepts of AI and IoT and their individual contributions to manufacturing processes, providing the completely total solution.

Solomon’s META-aivi offers a flexible solution that helps companies increase their operational efficiency, reduce frontline errors and time spent on every task by combining the benefits of human dexterity and intelligent machine vision.

AsiaICMP’s total solutions enable the establishment of extensive operational data records to optimize labor efficiency, enhance safety by minimizing human contact with chemicals, and achieve comprehensive facility management for chemical extraction operations. By enabling intelligent facility management, it assists customers in achieving better ESG business goals.

HANG QUAN ‘s leading System integration capabilities with interconnected cloud provide one-stop shopping solution in smart city.

The Innovative Technology and Product Launch & Business Matching Event is supported by “Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project”, which is supervised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). And it currently under the helm of PMC and TAITRA, is one of the key projects of the Bureau of Foreign Trade of MOEA. 

I truly believe that by working together, we can deepening the partnership for “Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem” between Taiwan and Malaysia. And the Smart Nation Expo is a great regional platform to showcase the strengths of the Taiwan-Malasia partnership and technology innovation, according to Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade director-general Cynthia Kiang.

Besides, The “New Business Opportunities for AI Robot Vision” online forum broadcast live at Tawan Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in the morning on the same date, 3 Taiwanese companies are invited: ASUS, Salomon, and GLÜCK TECH to share the energy and advantages of Taiwan’s AI technology applied to smart manufacturing, food industry, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing. ASUS established the AIOT department in 2019 to develop AI machine vision tools and provide preset projects such as anomaly detection, object recognition, classification and segmentation, optimizing model training time and accuracy in as little as 15 minutes. Solomon uses AI solutions to help the food industry optimize processes, enhance safety, and provide customized solutions to promote industry innovation. GLÜCK TECH applies AI and AOI in the industrial and agricultural fields to help industries shape a modern landscape.

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