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A new hydropower project in Vietnam is now onstream thanks to three Volvo excavators that delivered the performance and reliability needed to meet the demanding construction timetable. Local dealer TCMP provided 24/7 support to keep the project on track, while Volvo’s advanced CareTrack program provided the insights and analytics to keep work optimized.

Three hardworking and versatile EC210D excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) played a central role in delivering the Nam Cum Hydropower Project in Lai Chau Province in Northwest Vietnam. The power plant entered operation earlier this year after a three-year construction period managed by contractor North-West No.1 Heavy Construction Company, which purchased the Volvo excavators from local dealer TCMP.

“This was a really important project for the local community because of long-running power outages in the area. The work was demanding, and the customer was looking for machines that could handle 14 to 16 hours a day, backed up with fast response from a local partner to keep uptime to a maximum. That’s why we recommended the EC210D models and then installed a local service team to provide 24/7 support,” said Nguyen Huu Truong, Sales Manager TCMP.

Harnessing power from the local water supply meant the contractor was also seeking machines that would minimize any impact on the surrounding environment, again making the EC210D an ideal choice. Not only did the machines deliver lower emissions output, but fuel use was also reduced compared to alternatives, meaning greater efficiencies and cost savings.

For optimum uptime, North-West No.1 Heavy Construction Company also took advantage of Volvo CE’s CareTrack platform which is offered with all its machines. CareTrack is a telematics system that allows users to proactively manage service and maintenance to maximize uptime. It also offers the ability to monitor machine use to optimize operations, reduce fuel costs, and improve operator performance.

As part of its National Energy Masterplan, Vietnam is diversifying its energy mix and targeting 15%-20% from renewables by 2030, and 80%-85% from renewables by 2050. Part of this plan includes a network of small and medium-sized hydropower plants as these are faster and simpler to install than alternatives such as solar or wind, and they can also contribute to peak capacity requirements. The Volvo CE EC210D excavators played a critical role in ensuring that the project process stayed ahead of schedule, helping to provide precious energy to the country.

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